What is survivorship?

A patient is considered a survivor from the time she is diagnosed with cancer throughout the duration of her life. Colorado Gynecologic Oncology Specialists (CGOS) is committed to helping you and your family throughout your survivorship journey and are here for you from initial diagnosis, throughout treatment, and into surveillance and beyond. We acknowledge the unique needs of the cancer patient, including the physical, mental, and emotional effects of diagnosis and treatment. Your Survivorship Team – comprised of a Physician Assistant, Nurse Navigator, and clinical nurses – works together with our physicians throughout your journey to help you address these needs. In short, we want to help you live your best life.

Components of our survivorship program

Survivorship Boutique

Survivorship boutique

A boutique just for you with complimentary wigs, head coverings, make-up, and much, much, more!

  • Boutique – Complimentary wigs, head coverings, make-up, and more.
  • Chemo Comfort Kits – Information and various items to help support and comfort through chemotherapy treatment.
  • Nurse Navigation – HealthONE/Sarah Cannon Nurse Navigator
  • Monthly Survivorship Newsletters – Educational articles, clinical tips, upcoming events, inspirational quotes, and more.
  • Personalized Treatment Summary and Follow-up Care Plan – Completed by our Survivorship Team and reviewed at your Survivorship Appointment.
  • Survivorship Appointments – Performed here at our office upon treatment completion
  • Workshops/Seminars/Events – Access to free local and virtual courses to provide education and support for your cancer journey.

What happens at my survivorship appointment?

Survivorship visits take place upon treatment completion. It is an intentional time to address the “now what?” and to help transition to a “new normal”. During these visits, the patient reviews a personalized Treatment Summary and Follow-up Care Plan with a member of the healthcare team. This document may be shared with the patient’s other health care providers such as her PCP. This ensures establishment of an accurate health history and communicates what follow-up needs to happen with which provider, when, and for how long. We also discuss how to reduce your risk of recurrence, physical activity/exercise, proper nutrition, bone health, other cancer screenings, regular care by a PCP, and managing short and long-term side effects such as cognitive function, fatigue, menopausal symptoms, sleep disorders, sexual function, anxiety and/or depression, and much more. Visits may also include a discussion of any needs of family members, close friends, or caregivers. Survivorship visits are considered a medical office visit and are therefore covered by most insurance plans.

Helpful resources

CGOS is committed to and passionate about helping you and your family throughout your survivorship journey. We acknowledge that cancer impacts all areas of you and your loved ones’ lives and seek to help you in any way we can

Please review some of these helpful resources from our team to help you on your journey.

Your survivorship journey

Monthly tools to help you live your best life!

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